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February 8 and 9, 2020

2019 SF Bay Summit Kicked Ass!
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Network, Education, & Fun!

The no-bullshit, no-sales, open-share Real Estate reunion conference.
Hear why you need to be here, from the founder, in the video below:

Testimonial Bill Exeter

Testimonial Bill Exeter



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Feb 16 & 17 2019


Oakland Scottish Rite Center

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About Us

What is SF Bay Summit? 

The Founder and Host of the Summit is J Martin, who is active in the San Francisco Bay Area real estate networking community and on a popular real estate networking website, www.biggerpockets.com

Many real estate websites and conferences are primarily places for speakers and high-profile people to sell their seminars, books, and coaching for a lot of money. But BiggerPockets.com changed that by shunning pitching, and focusing on sharing and networking with others. While the event is not associated with BiggerPockets.com, the event focuses on the same philosophy of networking and sharing - without the sales and pitching. 


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